Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay Thomas first started playing guitar at age 15 and became more serious about music a bit later in life. Lindsay has played in other bluegrass bands and began playing guitar with his daughter Jenny at various gigs, focused on vocals, and then added playing the dobro to his list of talents. His lead vocals, guitar, and dobro playing are an important part of Morning Star’s sound.

Tom Schurr

Tom Schurr was given an electric bass in 1964 and has been playing bass ever since. 35 years ago he was lucky enough to find a 1951 Kay 3/4 blond upright . He’s played it at late night parties, on stage performances with numerous bands, with friends around many bonfires, and now happily with Morning Star. Tom also plays mandolin and adds vocal harmonies to many of the songs we perform.

David Nicholson

Dave Nicholson is an accomplished Scruggs Style banjo player, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. His early influences include Traditional Bluegrass and he’s played with JamGrass ensembles at many festivals around Northern Ohio. He has now come full circle to the more traditional, homegrown harmonies of his past. He brings with him a life long passion for live acoustic entertainment, with a taste of shenanigans. Which we all appreciate.

Jenny Lynn Stancil

Jen "Jenny Lynn" Stancil’s vocal leads, guitar and fiddle playing, along with her education in music, really anchor the band! She has a Bachelor's of Music from the University of Akron (Magna Cum Laude) and a Master's of Education of Graceland University (Summa Cum Laude). In addition, she has been teaching and performing music throughout the area for over 25 years.