PorchRokr Music Festival 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Akron, Ohio

“I really enjoy your music and your performances are very good!”

Event Planner

“Excellent, lots of energy, good harmonies, we want them back”
“They sounded great so we planted our chairs and stayed to listen”
“Boy, they are really great and the harmonies are sweet!”
“We love you guys!” Audience Members


Mustard Seed Market and Café Montrose, Ohio

“At Mustard Seed, we like our music like our food: local, organic and delicious! Morning Star combines skillful playing with soaring vocals that uplifts our dining room with that bluegrass energy that is simply irresistible .” Owner


Historical Society Festival Stow, Ohio

“We loved your band - just perfect for the festival! Thank you.” Event PlannerOhio Station Lodi, Ohio

"Morning Star is a great group to work with and their music is the perfect touch to any summer event!” Marketing and Events Coordinator


Summer Strawberry Festival Bolivar, Ohio

“Morning Star provides music for all age groups. Looking forward to another great year at our festival.” Mayor of Bolivar and Festival Organizer


Countryside Conservancy, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Peninsula, Ohio

“Morning Star has performed for the past several years, and we have adored having them. They provide a lively and engaging musical experience that pleases a diverse crowd. Their bluegrass/Americana flair is comforting, uplifting, and creates a good time. Morning Star has received glowing feedback, and is one of the most requested musical acts.” Assistant Manager


Allardale Lodge Medina County Parks

“We really appreciated that you were able to come out and open our Summer Concert series for us. The audience really enjoyed your performance, you received a lot of praise from the audience at the end and certainly set the bar high for the rest of our performers! ” Event Planner


Mustard Seed Highland Square Café Akron, Ohio

“You guys were very pleasant to listen to. I could still talk and hear you guys. I love your song selection. The singer has a very nice voice. Nice old timey country sound.” Audience Member

In addition, Morning Star regularly plays at Summer Festivals and many other events throughout Northern Ohio.

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